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JPFCC Ministries

We are a thriving body of believers who strive for the high calling of God in order to see the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the lives of His dear children. We believe in preaching and teaching the unaltered word of God so that the unbeliever will be given an opportunity to make a sound decision about Jesus Christ.

Deacon Ministry - Caring for the welfare of the pastor, congregation and worship service while being appointed servants of God.

Missionary Ministry - Providing assistance to those that are less fortunate by donating time, skills, talents and money for the purpose of uplifting Christ.

Youth Ministry - Reaching and teaching every young person about God so that they can establish their own personal relationship with Him.

Outreach Ministry - Establishing our church in the community by reaching out to both saved and unsaved, in order to carry out God’s mission for the church.

Trustee Ministry - Administering the business and operational objectives of the church so that it can focus on drawing people closer to Christ.

Christian Education Ministry - Providing biblical education so that each believer grows in their education so that each believer grows in their understanding of Scripture's content and implication; helping God's people grow into disciples who are strong in faith, clear in witness and eager to serve others in need through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry - Intercessory Ministry is open to all; or mission is to train up God’s people into the knowledge, faith, power and application of Intercessory Prayer in order to lift up the Name of Jesus and to intercede on behalf of others, by boldly approaching the throne of grace, believing “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” James 5: 16.

  Rooted in the Word of God, we are motivated to share the hope of the Gospel with all of God's children.

"Your Victory is in Your Praise!"


Judah Praise Fellowship Christian Church